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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), emotional intelligence and mental performance preparation to help you perform to your potential.

Individual coaching | Mentoring

My humanistic and dynamic approach is oriented towards solutions and positive actions to help you achieve your professional goals quickly. My support offers you multiple effective tools and techniques that allow you to:

  • Increase your concentration and motivation in carrying out your projects.
  • Control your emotions effectively in stressful situations.
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem that meets your expectations.
  • Develop your leadership and make decisions effectively.
  • Clearly define and orient your objectives to achieve optimal results.
  • Be well prepared mentally for an evaluation, interview or an important presentation.
  • Develop and use influencing language to stimulate positive reactions.
  • And more!

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Training workshops | Conferences

Development and optimization of "SOFT-SKILLS" relational skills and the achievement of training objectives

Training workshops and conferences are personalized to the needs of your business and are presented with an inspiring, dynamic and interactive approach. The methods and techniques taught will allow everyone to apply simple and effective solutions to access their positive internal resources. It will also promote interpersonal relationships and develop skills to optimize the achievement of objectives.


Based on the method of the Olympic Triad of Excellence, here are some examples of topics:

  • How to use the power of the mind to build a successful goal:

           Techniques and strategies to optimize mental performance and keep the focus on the goal.

            Motivation and Inspiration - "System of propulsion towards achieving the goal"

  • Stress management and emotional control

  Conscious / unconscious processes that dictate our reactions and behaviors.

           Physiology of the champion; stimulus and anchors to activate energy levels.

           Practical tools to control reactions in stressful situations.

  • Positive leadership within teams

           The language of positive influence to eliminate resistance "Words against evil".

           Perceptual position of a problem: behavior v / s identity.

           The KEY interactive feedback to create an optimal influence relationship.


The experience of my journey

Business manager

In 1995 I founded my first company based in Toronto with a division in Montreal. Accompanied by a solid team of 25 employees, we have stood out in the field of fundraising campaigns.

Subsequently, I held the position of public domain inspector for the city of Montreal. These years of experience have allowed me to get to know the inner workings of the municipal sector.

Zone Excellence was created in 2015 with the aim of helping individuals and businesses achieve their full potential.

Performance coach

I have accompanied several athletes in mental coaching during preparations for the World Championships and the Olympic Games in order to help them develop their mental skills and their emotional strengths. The objective was to achieve their goals in a healthy way.

I also had the honor of coaching my father Alois Korak in achieving his goals during his participation as an athlete at the Olympics for the hearing impaired; Australia (2005), China (2009), Bulgaria (2013) at the age of 72.

Trainer and speaker 

My years of studies in psychology, in mental preparation for performances and as an NLP specialist in prensentation skills, mentored by the creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler, combined with my great experience in personal development and performance coaching, make my lectures and my training rich and varied. The presentations are formulated and adapted to the specific needs of the organization and offer content that is useful, practical and applicable to all.

My goal is to inspire and awaken human potential so that everyone is equipped to be the best version of themselves while achieving their goals.

Find out more about my background and my approaches
Patricia Landry, CRHA - LRMM Law firm

We had the pleasure of welcoming Brigitte during a lunch-talk, she spoke to us about the power of the mind and stress management.

All the participants really appreciated her conference and  learned concrete tips that are easily applicable immediately!

Brigitte also took the time to send us a summary of the important points, which was appreciated by all!

Thank you for this conference.

Mohamed Idir, President of Arcom Canada

I have worked with Ms. Brigitte Korak on numerous occasions since December 1st 2016, as part of the training of business executives and professionals. During her interventions, Ms. Korak delivered training workshops to groups of 30 participants. She notably contributed to the formation of the first class of professional coaches in the history of Algeria.

She has always demonstrated perfect autonomy, with great involvement, seriousness and efficiency in the preparation and delivery of theoretical and practical lessons. Communication, management of emotions, work  during an emergency and or stressful situations, definition and achievement of objectives and mental performance were some of the topics. The participants in Ms. Brigitte Korak's workshops are unanimous about the high quality of her interventions and her multiple skills. I highly recommend her for her professional and interpersonal skills.

Véronique Blais, health program coordinator

It is with pleasure that I recommend Ms. Brigitte Korak. She led an NLP workshop as part of our Brossard COPD support group. In order to help participants reduce the stress caused by their disease and thus create a state of well-being, she conducted the workshop : Words against evils.

She is a dedicated professional and she was able to respond to our last minute request. In addition, she shows a concern for work, she listens to everyone and makes connections with their respiratory illnesses. We had nothing but good words for her!

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Excellence is being the best version of yourself with the resources available, in the present moment.

- Brigitte Korak -

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