What you put into practice for the result you want to achieve, that's the result.

- Brigitte Korak -


Brigitte Korak

Always looking to improve and perfect my skills in helping relationship and performance optimization, I use my knowledge, my experience and my passion to help you develop emotional balance and mental strength. I will support you to find a daily well-being and help you to be equipped in the achievement of your personal, sporting and professional goals.


Professionnal career: 


  • Ritma member - Group of therapists in alternative and complementary medicine. * Insurance receipts / Naturopathy
  • Bachelor; E.I. Psychology, Management and Public Relations
  • Trainer Training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP & The Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming ™
  • LAB (Language and Behavior) Profile Practitioner
  • NLP Licenced Sports and Performance Coach LSPC™ 
  • Ericksonian / Humanist Hypnosis Training
  • Licenced Master Practitioner of NLP, Bodywork specialization
  • National Coaching Certification Program, NCCP III
  • Emotional intelligence | Mediation | Performance psychology
  • In progress: Workplace trainer certification, Government of Quebec / CPMT
  • In progress: Practitioner in Applied Neurosciences

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My approaches

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Brief therapies champion, NLP is above all a humanist communication approach centered on the individual's personalized needs and it's focused on the solution.

The approach aims to understand the mental processes influencing our internal states. These are dictating our behavior, in order to be able to model positive strategies and to apply them in several spheres of one's life. By reshaping our thought structures, it opens up access to the powerful resources that lie dormant within everyone.

The objective is to equip the individual so he can flourish healthily in the achievement of his aspirations.

Ericksonian and humanist hypnosis

Therapeutic hypnosis is very different from spectacle hypnosis! The therapeutic approach allows access to a state of deep relaxation and aims to make accessible internal positive resources in order to bring your conscious brain, your unconscious brain and your emotions into harmony.

Hypnosis refers to a modified consciousness state also known as a "trance", in which the individual is between the state of waking and sleeping. This state is natural and experienced every day like when we are in the moon and lose track of time, when we read a good book to relax, when we watch a film that transports us. Hypnosis brings a state of well-being and beneficial resourcing.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to perceive, interpret and respond to emotions, both our own and those of others. Learning the power of emotions and knowing how to manage them well to meet daily challenges is of great importance.

This approach makes it possible to become aware of and develop skills in the four spheres of emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-management, awareness of the social environment of the organization, and relationship management.

Good emotion management and self-regulation makes it possible to optimize relationships, in addition to having a positive impact in achieving our goals.

Mental performance preparation

When an Olympic athlete is in a hyperfocus state on his performance and everything seems to be going easily for him, then it's a state of "FLOW". This state is built through internal coded routines and sensory visualization techniques, stimulating inspiration, motivation, focus, esteem, confidence and determination.

Mental preparation for performance creates a mindset of excellence to quickly access this state of "FLOW". The objective is to be able to bypass obstacles quickly by having access to powerful internal resources and thus achieve its performance objectives efficiently and smoothly.


During her conference on achieving goals that we set for ourselves, Brigitte was able to touch on a multitude of Neuro Linguistic Programming concepts in laughter by having the perfect balance between theory and practice. I highly recommend people who are in a helping relationship or people who want to achieve goals to attend one of Brigitte's trainings. You will undoubtedly be satisfied with the concepts that you will learn there but above all with the results which will result when you apply them! - Nicolas Roy, Physical trainer & NLP practitioner coach - Optimum function


Brigitte is the best life coach / mentor I have ever met. I have an advanced degree in psychology from a well-known university in the United States. I have presented psychological researches at international conferences and have multiple publications in distinguished academic journals.

Brigitte is 1 of a kind. During all my years of studies in academic psychology, I have never met someone as brilliant, helpful, and goal-oriented as Brigitte. I strongly recommend working with her as she has helped me drastically improve my personal & professional life and overall happiness.

- Menashe Shershow, NV Entrepreneur

''It was a little over a year ago when I first contacted Brigitte and she began helping me work through my mental roadblocks. With her help, I began to realize the importance of having the correct Poker mindset to become a more successful poker player, but more importantly, a better person.

Those who know me, know I am a fairly quiet person and keep to myself. Unfortunately, that also allowed my internal demons to grow. She quickly recognized my own self-doubt and worked diligently in our sessions to break through those barriers, as well as giving me the tools to work through my obstacles. The impact to my game and my life has been significant.

During the most important final table of my poker career so far, the WSOP Ladies Event, she gave of herself unselfishly. She stayed close on my rail the entire time and provided invaluable advice and insight that kept me grounded and in the moment. I highly recommend contacting Brigitte for help from her hypnosis sessions to her one-on one coaching sessions, you can’t go wrong. It’s an investment well worth its weight in gold and the returns can be limitless.

On a personal note, thank you Brigitte for being there. Your unwavering support and friendship has meant the world to me. I know I am still a work in progress and I look forward to what the future holds.''

-Tamar Abraham, WSOP 2023 Bracelet Winner, Ladies Event


Audrey has represented the country on several occasions in international competitions, including a participation in the Glasgow 2015 World Championships. After the 2017 season, Audrey needed a rest and decided to retire. After a year of absence, she is trying to return to competition. Brigitte had already worked with her, in preparation for the selections for the 2016 Olympics. Audrey needed a guide, someone neutral who would help her see clearly for her comeback and reassure her that she was taking the lead good choice. We felt that Brigitte, with her expertise in mental preparation, was the best person to help Audrey.

High performance athletes have pretty high expectations, which come from the environment but mainly from themselves. Often before an important event, the stress being at a higher level, a gymnast like Audrey becomes a bit, questioning and self-analyzing. A month before Elite Canada, Audrey was having some difficulties. Brigitte was exceptionally supportive. It is so essential for the athlete to be able to confide and have, in return, the "feedback" of someone who can advise her, whom she can trust. A Coach has a technical role, family and friends have a support role, but Brigitte is like the positive little voice in the heads of athletes with whom they can chat and find access to their powerful inner resources. For Audrey, it was miraculous.

Today Audrey is back in force on the National Team and Brigitte continues to help Audrey develop her mental and emotional skills in preparation for the 2020 Olympics. Thank you Brigitte ! - Dany Gilbert Technical Director Club Équilibrix

"Thank you Brigitte, since you immediately knew how to recognize my problem by asking me the right questions and giving me the right tools to achieve my goals. Thank you for being there for me, for being present during my competitions and for helping me.Thanks to you I am like a new Audrey now who is able to better manage her emotions, to have confidence in herself and to do gymnastics for fun! "

- Audrey Rousseau, member of the Canadian artistic gymnastics team

Ms. Korak received me in her office and she was more than professional. She was able to put me at ease with a gentle and light approach. Above all, she was able to quickly grasp the reason for my consultation by making me ask myself the right questions. I came out of it grown after just one session. To have good results, I recommend it! - Bruno Mercille, Teacher

We had the pleasure of welcoming Brigitte during a lunch-talk, she spoke to us about the power of the mind and stress management. All the participants really appreciated her conference and learned concrete tips that are easily applicable immediately! Brigitte also took the time to send us a summary of the important points, which was appreciated by all! Thank you for this conference. -Patricia Landry, LRMM law firm


I'm going to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker and I'm going in a better spirit than last year! I had a difficult year and had lost my pleasure of playing, even of winning. I took action this winter consulting Brigitte Korak who specializes in the specific performance mindset for poker players. She really helped me understand what I was going through and brought out things that I didn't realize. I definitely rediscovered the pleasure of playing, enjoying the highs, learning to accept the lows and more.

I really recommend Brigitte Korak. Do it for yourself if you feel like you need to because poker performance is not that easy! - Laurence Grondin, professional player and commentator at RDS


I met Brigitte a few months ago and it’s been an amazing journey of growth since then.
I can’t express how grateful I am to have connected with her. She is positive, vibrant and compassionate in guiding me through every challenge I face. She has provided me with the necessary tools to take charge of my life in the most efficient and abundant way. She goes that extra mile to make sure that every session I leave from, has served me well for the days ahead. I trust her 100% and I truly believe in her methods because they work. It will change and impact your life drastically as it has already done for me. Thank you Brigitte for the continued guidance and support on this amazing journey! - Luigina Poce, Entrepreneur


I play high level hockey and performance is very important in this competitive sport. Brigitte helped me a lot with my mental preparation before, during and after my hockey games. I was often stressed before an important hockey game, then I played nervous and not very confident. With the techniques that Brigitte taught me, I learned to prepare myself before and also to concentrate during the match to keep the mental focus necessary for a good performance.

I want to go far in hockey and I understand that I have to exercise both my mind and my physique to perform well. Also, I live in Ontario and technology has allowed us to make Zoom sessions just as interesting as they are face to face. Thank you Brigitte, for helping me. - Zach Leblanc 14 years old


It is with pleasure that I recommend Ms. Brigitte Korak. She led an NLP workshop as part of our Brossard COPD support group. In order to help participants reduce the stress caused by their disease and thus create a state of well-being, she conducted the workshop : Words against evils.

She is a dedicated professional and she was able to respond to our last minute request. In addition, she shows a concern for work, she listens to everyone and makes connections with their respiratory illnesses. We had nothing but good words for her! - Véronique Blais, Health Programs Coordinator of the Pulmonary Association of Qc


I have worked with Ms. Brigitte Korak on numerous occasions for several years as part of training for corporate executives and professionals.

During her speeches, some of them by videoconference, Ms. Brigitte Korak gave training workshops to groups of 30 adult participants (on average). She notably contributed greatly to the formation of the first class of professional coaches in the history of Algeria. She has always demonstrated perfect autonomy, with great involvement, seriousness and efficiency in the preparation and delivery of theoretical and practical lessons. Communication, management of emotions, work during an emergency and or stressful situations, definition and achievement of objectives,  mental performance were some of the topics.

The participants in Ms. Brigitte Korak's workshops are unanimous about the high quality of her interventions and her multiple skills. I highly recommend her for her professional and interpersonal skills. - Mohamed IDIR, President of Arcom Canada


Thank you to Brigitte who has welcomed me in an atmosphere of help and listening. She helped me transform my weaknesses into positive energies. I knew how to optimize certain potentials that had not yet been achieved but above all, I was able to take my game up a notch at the mental, psychological and emotional level. Her teaching abounds in knowledge and I highly recommend her to those who want to build a high performance mindset! - Ruben Perceval


I am a teacher and for a period of time I was low on energy and suffered from serious procrastination when it comes to developing my course content and marking assignments. Only after 2 meetings with Ms. Korak, including one in hypnosis where she was able to synchronize my state very well to activate my energies, and the other one in coaching by offering me techniques that allowed me to regain my concentration and my motivation. I can truly express that I was amazed with the results following these sessions, I highly recommend her.- Lise D.


Thanks to Brigitte Korak, my mental preparation coach and my choreographer, for helping me achieve a high level of excellence on the Olympia camp and at the Arnold in Spain.
I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Brigitte Korak, an exceptional woman who works with me on many levels to prepare me to achieve peak performance both personally, professionally and on the world podium. I recommend that you contact her, you will love her professional and personalized service. Specialist in mental preparation and stage performances, expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming, she uses several specialized techniques that bring me life balance and incredible strength to achieve all my goals.

Whether it is to increase your confidence in your personal life or to shine on the stage during your posing and routines, she helps you make good decisions, develop motivational strategies for your workouts and your goals (weight loss, maintaining the eating plan, increasing your energy, etc.). A few sessions with this specialist will transform you. Ah yes and for those who have difficulty sleeping ... Wow, her hypnosis sessions work magic!

Thank you for everything Brigitte and especially for being along my side for years. Thanks for helping me and guiding me during my preparation.  Thanks for putting so much passion in all your skills and experiences so that I can excel at the world level -Myriam Capes IFBB PRO


I want to thank Brigitte Korak for her amazingness!   There is something magic in her work! 2 more weeks in ahead of me to be fully ready for Circus Star USA 2016! And 3 weeks before I step on the beautiful stage of El Portal Theatre in Hollywood to present my brand-new aerial hoop act! Putting my mindset in the right place using my own inner strengths and special tools taught by Brigitte! - RachelFly


I am writing to tell you how the two encounters I had with you changed my life and I really wanted to let you know about this impact. Every day I put into practice what you taught me. Not only that, but today, I am a tutor for other students less advanced than me and I try to convey a good mindset because I understood that this is the key. In short, a big thank you Brigitte and we will see each other again for sure! - Véronique S., Pilote



Ms. Brigitte Korak came to present a worskshop in mental performance preparation to our competitive coaches. Topics were varied covering pre-competition preparation, the benefits of having a performance zone, the importance of fun in training, several performance coaching tips, techniques and more.

Our coaches came away delighted with the experience. Brigitte not only gave an excellent lesson but answered dozens of various questions. We thank Brigitte for sharing her skills and life experiences, it was very useful and we are convinced that these tips will be beneficial for everyone. - Marie-Claude Vallée, President, Les Hirondelles Gymnastics Club




With all the communication tools and the different techniques to achieve an optimal mindset that I discovered during the coaching and hypnosis sessions with Brigitte, it really helped me on a personal level and also in my interventions as a trainer. As an athlete, it allowed me to stay focused on my goal during training and throughout competitions.

Thank you for helping me in my success! - Kevin Landry, Professor at Renzo Gracie New Hamphsire



A little word to say how passionate Brigitte Korak is. Since my first meeting with her I have carried her inside me constantly and everywhere. Thanks to her techniques and tools because they help me achieve my goals. Brigitte showed me the path to excellence but above all, the path to the excellence of myself. Activating mental power is her mission and she transmits it with dynamism and with a touch of humor. I love it ! I am so grateful that she is in my life. Thank you ! - Roxane Cyr, Soma training



It's been almost a year since I started working with Brigitte on my poker mindset. The improvement and the impact it has had on my game has been very significant. I found the one-on-one sessions to be extremely effective in targeting the points I needed to work on. Brigitte's coaching sessions were an incredible investment that brought me ten times more. Her kindness, understanding and expertise are beyond what I could have asked for. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to develop their game and maintain a healthy mindset to work with Brigitte. - Christine Park, Professional poker player




 I used your techniques a lot during my competition. I will also be happy to use them at my next competition, which is coming up in a few days.

Thank you again a thousand times for helping me with my blockage. - Camille, 10 years old






I had Brigitte's help in times when I felt disorganized and lost.

Her approach and listening allowed us to work together, to find the direction of my life in situations that I consider were critical moments.

Through hypnosis and NLP, we untied these knots of fear that blocked me and prevented me from taking the necessary step back in order to move forward towards my goals.




Today, I decide to expose myself a little, in order to possibly inspire or help other people ... I'm going to talk to you about the power that each of us has over our mental barriers. By the same token, I will share with you my experience with Brigitte Korak, a specialist in mental preparation and incredible performance coaching who has supported me in recent months in the preparation of my competitions.

For me, a fitness competition is more than trying to look good and collect trophies. In my last preparation, it was more about overcoming a huge inner fear that had the potential to prevent me from fully living this experience. Indeed, my biggest challenge facing these competitions was not to follow the rigors of my food and training plans, but to achieve the level of mental preparation necessary to take the stage and offer the best of me.

Those who know me well know that I am not the type to parade or seek attention. In fact, I'm more of the kind of "tomboy" girl who spent the summers of her youth on Army Cadet military bases, mountain biking and then motorcycling ... The only idea to go on stage was creating a wave of anxiety in me, you have no idea! I felt somewhere in me that I had great potential but something very strong was preventing me from reaching it and this situation made me feel a lot of frustration. I thus realized the extent of this mental barrier that had long been installed in my mind and with which I had learned to live ... and which I no longer needed !!

Most people believe that mental preparation for a competition involves visualizing what we want to achieve as a ranking and just being strong and persistent enough to get there. This is indeed the case, at least in part ... With Brigitte, however, I went well beyond this objective. I not only visualized what I wanted to “do” but also everything I wanted to “be” on stage. Above all, I decided, down to the smallest detail, what I was going to “feel” throughout my experience. Little by little, she was able to accompany me to install all the resources I needed internally to achieve this.

Well ... on June 13th, let me tell you that I had a magical time with Serious About Fitness and Physique Canada! Something has changed in me, in a lasting way. This experience made me grow and allowed me to leave things behind. I feel stronger inside today. Seeing how much this person had given me, I felt it was almost selfish not to share this invaluable resource with you. Brigitte Korak definitely came to add a magic touch, I am deeply grateful to her! Do not hesitate to contact her! - Julie-Christine Cotton




That genuine smile says it all... 
Brigitte Korak is an incredible human being & an extraordinary performance coach. Everyone should invest into the mental preparation of a fitness or bodybuilding contest prep.

Connecting with this woman would make such a positive impact on all aspects of your life. Her experience in the industry is impressive & phenomenal.
​-Emmanuelle Ethier, athlete & entrepreneur



The "mindset" is just as important as the physical training itself ...
Lately, I have had a lot of difficulties with myself ... Doubt has seeped and took hold of my mind ... Weeks 7-6-5 or even until last week (during the provincial championship), I was struggling ... I realized that my internal speech was not positive and I only saw what I was doing incorrectly, according to my interior judge. Instead of focusing on my progress ... By becoming aware of my internal mechanisms & of the words that I was repeating to myself, I realized that I had to reframe myself, bring myself back, reconnect with myself ...

Fortunately, with the help of Brigitte Korak, my Mindset / Posing coach, we worked hard to reactivate my resources which had left to take a an involuntary break ... Yes, I worked hard  on me! And without Brigitte's collaboration, without her help, I wouldn't have made it ... And all of this, with fluidity, simplicity, lightness ... I still have 3 weeks to go ... and I strongly believe that I am already a winner. Because I know I have surpassed myself not only physically but especially mentally! Thank you Brigitte for your generosity and your dedication ... Do not hesitate to contact her !!! And that's just the beginning!!! - Claudya Little Hammer, IFBB PRO


Brigitte Korak is a miracle worker. Her no-nonsense attitude perfectly blends in with her sense and sensibility and her knowledge of human nature in order to bring the best in everyone. I've experienced personally and can't thank her enough. I've seen the same results with every friends and colleagues I've sent her way and everyone said they'd wish she entered their life sooner. Thank you Brigitte - Patrick Gagnon


«Each individual has the essence of an Olympic athlete in their inner resources. Sometimes hidden under fears and resistance, our strengths beg to be stimulated in order to be able to fully develop.

My mission is to inspire and awaken human potential so that everyone can be the best version of themselves. The ultimate objective is to help them achieve their goals healthily in their daily life or to perform optimally on a stage.»

-Brigitte Korak-


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