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Imagine how much better you could perform if you could stay focused & confident, allowing you to make fewer mistakes and to enter a flow state that keeps you in the zone.




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 Mindset Coaching and Hypnosis
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My significant experience as a mindset coach with elite athletes and renowned poker players allowed me to develop very effective tools to perform optimally in high stakes situations. Mental coaching sessions, specifically adapted for poker players, will help you built a strong mindset to achieve and maintain your performance goals. 

Increase your mental skills and emotional strengths: 

  • Increase your concentration and memory.
  • Develop and maintain a winning discipline.
  • Manage the 'tilt' and quickly regain power over your emotions. 
  • Learn how to maintain optimal focus for long periods of time. 
  • Use strategic tools to stay in control when the stakes are high.
  • Increase your confidence and use powerful techniques to make good decisions. 
  • Access your powerful inner resources to exert a strong influence (on your game and your opponents).
  • Integrate effective techniques for warm-up (pre performance) and cool-down (post performance).
  • Incorporate strategic and influencing language (verbal and nonverbal) to achieve positive results.

Coaching or hypnosis sessions last 60 to 75 minutes. Here are some examples of specific hypnosis for poker players:

  • Performance hypnosis to activate and maintain your winning mindset during tournaments. 
  • Cool down hypnosis to eliminate stress and regain your mental and emotional balance. 

*Learn about personalized hypnosis themes designed accordingly to your specific needs!


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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), emotional intelligence, hypnosis and mental performance preparation to help you reach your goals. 


Tamar  Abraham, WSOP 2023 Bracelet Winner, Ladies Event

David Guay, WSOP 2023 Bracelet Winner, Event #64

My experience

Combining my passion with my coaching. 

Knowing my competitive spirit as a high-level athlete and my interest in mental coaching, a friend (poker player) encouraged me to learn poker during a night out with friends. Wow! From that moment, the Olympic spark ignited and the athlete in me was awoken again. I was on a mission, I needed to understand poker and to study and practice all the different variations; Omaha, Stud, Razz... 

In 2010, I went to Vegas for my 1st WSOP and I participated in the 10-Game Mix event. Since then, I have pursued my passion and I have been merging it with my professional skills while accompanying poker players as their mental coach.

Whether it is to perform optimally in preparation for the Olympics or in major international poker tournaments, it requires winning mindset tools: discipline, mental focus, controlling emotions and goal achievement. In fact, I apply a very similar approach to my mental coaching for elite athletes & for poker players who want to perform optimally.


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Together towards excellence!!

Laurence Grondin, Pro player and Tv poker commentator. 

I'm in direction of Las Vegas for the WSOP and I'm going there in a better spirit than last year! I had a difficult year and had lost my pleasure of playing, even of winning. I took action this winter consulting Brigitte Korak who specializes in the specific performance mindset for poker players. She really helped me understand what I was going through and brought out things that I didn't realize and that needed to be addressed. I definitely rediscovered the pleasure of playing, enjoying the highs, learning to accept the lows and much more. I really recommend Brigitte because poker performance is not that easy!

          Ruben Perceval,              notable  player   

Thank you to Brigitte who has been welcoming me in an atmosphere of help and listening, coached me how to transform my weaknesses into positive energies. I knew how to optimize certain potentials which had not yet been reached but above all, I was able to raise my game a notch at the mental, psychological and emotional levels. Her teaching abounds in knowledge and I highly recommend Brigitte to those who want to build a high performance mindset!


More Testimonials
Christine Park, professional player

It’s been almost one year since I've started working with Brigitte on my poker mindset and the improvement and impact she has made on my game is significant. I found the one-on-one sessions to be extremely effective in targeting areas that I needed to work on.  Brigitte’s consulting sessions were an amazing investment that have been returned to me tenfold. Her kindness, understanding and expertise are more than I could have asked for. I would recommend to everyone interested in growing their game and maintaining a healthy mindset to consider working with her.

Technical preparation teaches you how to play. 

Mental preparation teaches you how to win.

- Brigitte Korak -


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