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Listening to your needs, I welcome you with a humane approach focused on immediate and lasting results. I help you reduce stress, activate your internal strengths and connect with your powerful resources. My goal is to equip you with tools for you to become the best version of yourself, in all areas of your life.

Personal life and performance coaching |  Hypnosis


Awaken your inner power and potential.

My experience over the past 30 years in personal development and mental performance preparation has enabled me to help many people achieve their professional and personal goals. Throughout my career, I have developed very effective techniques and tools to integrate into your everyday life that will allow you to:

  • Develop and maintain confidence in your abilities.
  • Dissolve fears and blockages to feel free to move on.
  • Modify unwanted behavior in order to regain a healthy balance.
  • Manage emotions effectively to eliminate the negative and regain control.
  • Activate motivation and regain focus to achieve personal goals.
  • Restore confidence and self-esteem by preserving the colors of your personality.
  • Access your inner zone of excellence to grow up to your potential.
  • Develop the ability to assert yourself freely and effectively in order to flourish in your relationships.

Uncover your inner strength

Coaching and hypnosis can also be combined, here are some example of hypnosis themes:

  • Install mental and emotional calm in times of uncertainty.
  • Find a deep and restful sleep.
  • Prepare for childbirth.
  • Take control to eliminate compulsions and behaviors harmful to well-being.
  • Dissolve anxiety-inducing mental thoughts.
  • Increase your concentration and memory.
  • Bring out the best in yourself to achieve personal goals.
  • And more!

* Learn about personalized hypnosis themes designed accordingly to your specific needs!


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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), emotional intelligence, hypnosis and mental preparation for your well-being.


Coaching or hypnosis sessions last 60 to 75 minutes and are offered in person or by visioconference (Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Teams).


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Brigitte Korak is a miracle worker. Her no-nonsense attitude perfectly blends in with her sense and sensibility and her knowledge of human nature in order to bring the best in everyone. I've experienced personally and can't thank her enough. I've seen the same results with every friends and colleagues I've sent her way and everyone said they'd wish she entered their life sooner. Thank you Brigitte - Patrick Gagnon


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Brigitte is an angel that I met at a turning point in my life! She brought me inspiration, confidence and many tools that I've been using for 5 years now to embellish and enrich my daily life!

In addition, she accompanied me with hypnosis during my pregnancy in preparation for my first childbirth. The guidance and tools she taught me made the biggest difference in bringing me into a calm and joyfull experience.
Trust and love.
- Marie Fogarty

Brigitte is the best life coach/mentor I have ever met. I have an advanced degree in psychology from a well-known university in the United States. I have presented psychological researches at international conferences and have multiple publications in distinguished academic journals.

Brigitte is 1 of a kind. During all my years of studies in academic psychology, I have never met someone as brilliant, helpful, and goal-oriented as Brigitte. I strongly recommend working with her as she has helped me drastically improve my personal & professional life and overall happiness.
Menashe Shershow, NV  Entrepreneur

I had Brigitte's help in times when I felt disorganized and lost. Her approach and listening allowed us to work together, to find the direction of my life in situations that I consider were critical moments. Through hypnosis and NLP, we untied these knots of fear that blocked me and prevented me from taking the necessary step back in order to move forward towards my goals.

Gentle and compassionate, thank you Brigitte for helping me read, understand and master my compass!
-Mélissa Huard

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Helping people to transform their life positively is definitely my greatest achievement.


- Brigitte Korak -


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* Although my approach has beneficial and therapeutic effects for your well-being, the meetings are not intended to provide therapy. Please consult a doctor or a recognized specialist who can advise and help you in this regard.